Tom DeGroot
Born (1952), lives, and probably dies in Seattle, though It might be fine to expire in New Mexico.  I have drawn my entire life, but I didn't start painting until I was 35.  I've been a Zen student for 25 years, I hope I've picked up some wabi-sabi along the trail. 

In the Northwest I'm represented by Traver Gallery, in Phoenix by Costello/Childs, and in British Columbia I'm at Sopa Fine Arts

A 360 degree panorama of my studio.

I have a simple strategy that I've used for years now.  Take a uniformly textured surface, cover it with a fluid medium, let the media and texture interact.   Repeat. 

This approach mimics the way natural processes and our built environment interact.  Concrete pavers drying after a rain produce light and dark shapes arranged on a grid.  Drifting flower petals accumulate on sidewalks, outlining curbs and cracks.  Traffic markings erode and are repainted, eventually producing patterns layered with history.   So the poles of culture and nature ride together, not really separate after all. 

This is what I'm after in my work, pattern that carries time and process within it.   In the same way that through closely observing a stream one can experience the vastness of nature, I intend my paintings to provide an opening into the underlying forces and rhythms that animate the natural forms of the world.