General Info on polyester resin

half maskUse a respirator  like this one.  The 3M half face respirator is available at Home Depot and many hardware stores,  you can get the mask with cartridges for around $30.  There are other brands that will work fine, just make sure you get  organic vapor cartridges for them.

Go to  On the top of the page click "How To's", and download and print out  "Fiberglass-Epoxy Basic Training" .  This is a great basic primer in working with resin.

Fiberlay has almost any resin supply you might need, and also some great instructional material on their web site.   "Fiberglass-Epoxy Basic Training"  in their  "How To's" section  is a necessity.  Located on East Marginal Way just south of where the viaduct rises.

TAP Plastics has Eastside and south Lake Union locations.  I haven't used many of their products, but they have it all and I'm sure they're just fine.   They have a nice selection of smallish plastic molds.

foam brushes

chip brushes

transparent dyes   TAP Plastics pigments  Fiberlay and TAP Plastics

Artists using resin
Tom DeGroot, Alan Fulle (epoxy), Shea Bajaj, all at William Traver Gallery

Markus Linnenbrink

Mayme Kratz

Joni West works with epoxy, but the same ideas apply to resin too.   She even has  a TAP Plastics page featuring her work here.

Florence Pierce

Max Gimblett